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Fighting More Than Fire Inc. brings dreams to reality by uniting the community and firefighters together to rebuild a home when devastation such as a house fire occurs. In return Fighting More Than Fire gives back to those who risk their lives to save ours by providing their children with an opportunity to receive a scholarship.
"Saving lives. Rebuilding dreams."


The mission of Fighting More Than Fire eagerly undertakes the following pursuits:

·       Structural Residential Rebuilding:  Constructing homes for the poor, distressed or underprivileged through the aid of local businesses, firefighters, and community supporters and volunteers.

·       Educational Community Awareness:  Instructing surrounding and participating communities about the necessary and effective precautions of fire prevention.

·       Scholastic Financial Support:  “Paying it Forward” by providing academic scholarships to the children of firefighters.


For more information download the full business plan.


Fighting More Than Fire, FMTF
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