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“I believe in Fighting More Than Fire because it allows the heroes of today to make a huge difference in people’s tomorrows.”

Jesse Baust serves as the President of Fighting More Than Fire. A third generation firefighter, Jesse appreciates the sincerity of the profession, and values the lives of those within the community that he has covenanted to protect.  Jesse’s affection for the profession comes naturally after admiring the work of his grandfather, Fire Chief of Terryville Fire Department, NY; and father, Fire Captain of Manorville Fire Department, NY, a distinguished recipient awarded Firefighter of the Year for reviving an infant. Determined to follow in his familiar footsteps, Jesse worked enthusiastically to surpass thirty-two hundred applicants and receive an offer to join the Richmond City Fire Department, VA.

In addition to protecting the individuals of Richmond City, Jesse works with the youth.  He coaches soccer at a local middle school.  Jesse earned his qualifications to coach after playing four years of Varsity soccer at James Madison University on scholarship. As evidenced by his life, Jesse views his active participation within the community as more than mere paid professions or opportunities.

“I am grateful to be part of an organization that can make such a tremendous impact on people's lives.”

Sandy Appelman is FMTF’s Director of Compliance. Sandy has worked
in the financial services industry as a financial planner with Merrill Lynch and
has been an equity trading department supervisor. For the past decade, he
has owned a multiple location retail business, been a consultant for other local
restaurant and retail business start-ups, received an MBA with honors and
returned to graduate school for an additional certificate accreditation in
finance, urban development and city planning. Sandy currently manages a
multimillion dollar real estate portfolio for a development company. He has
conducted many presentations on urban design and development to city officials
and colleagues. In 2009, Sandy was a founding partner in the Richmond non-
profit, To The Bottom and Back, an organization created to prevent drinking
and driving. There he was the Director of Finance and compliance officer. Like
Jesse and Kyle, Sandy is looking for ways to help the community and give back
to those less fortunate. With his organizational, financial and business skills, he will be a great asset to assuring the company's initial success.


JESSE BAUST   President

​SANDY APPELMAN  Director of Compliance


Brad Stewart is the Logistics Officer for Fighting More Than Fire. A Richmond, VA native and dual degree alumnus in Business and History from Virginia Commonwealth University, Brad was President of the Alexandrian Society where he coordinated events and brought in guest lecturers that benefited multiple departments in the College of Humanities and Sciences. After VCU, Brad enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he honorably served as an 0351, Assaultman. While in the Marine Corps, Brad completed two combat deployments as a squad leader with 1st Battalion 9th Marines, Charlie Company and is an Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran. Brad had a unique mission and opportunity to help the Haitian people after the devastating earthquake that struck Port Du Prince in 2010. This mission saved lives, helped families get back on their feet, and brought hope back to a community. Because of their efforts and success, Brad and fellow Marines received the Humanitarian Service Medal for their work. Brad’s leadership, dedication to service, organizational skills, and his drive to put others above himself will be a great asset to help insure the company’s success. Like Jesse and Sandy, Brad is motivated, determined, and looking forward to helping those in need and giving back to the community. 

Bradford Stewart  Logistics Officer

“It was an honor to be asked to join Fighting More Than Fire. I believe this organization will forever change people's lives and better the community, one family at a time.”


“I am truly humbled and honored to be a part of a group whose sole purpose is to help put peoples lives back together one house at a time”

Originally from Long Island New York, Shaun Whiteley now lives in Richmond Virginia with his wife and three Children.  A Career firefighter with the City of Richmond Fire Department, Shaun knew at a young age that public service was not only a calling but his career which started in 1997.  Rising through the ranks, Shaun has been awarded the departments Medal of Valor as well as recognized as Firefighter of the year in 2013.  Shaun is also part Owner of Stop Loss LLC whose mission to is to help communities minimize fire damage and loss of life by preventing fires from occurring through prevention and education.

A member of the RFD Foundation board, a non-profit organized to help ensure firefighters and their families never face struggles and challenges alone.  By building and fostering relationships with the community he serves, Shaun has helped to ensure that this organization will continue to provide for families long after he is gone.  

“There is no better feeling then knowing you have made a difference and had a positive influence in someone's life, especially a stranger

Michael Anderson AKA "Crash Anderson" is a Fire Lieutenant and Paramedic for the Richmond City Fire Dept. where he has served since 2006. A second generation fire fighter, Michael grew up exploring stations and climbing on the his fathers (Captain Ross Anderson's) fire trucks. Michael knew from an early age that he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and join the fire service.


In addition to being an avid public servant, Michael has organized or donated time to multiple fundraising and charity events over the years for cancer and muscular dystrophy patients/research. In 2016 a Fire prevention company that also specialized in fire damage demolition and restoration. It is the culmination of his passions, interests and skills that brought Michael together with fighting more then fire to help families who have been affected by tragedy.

Shaun Whiteley  Site Superintendent

​MICHAEL ANDERSON Demolition man

CHRIS MACK  lead craftsman

“It's heartbreaking to see people's reaction when they lose everything yet priceless to see their reaction when you have the opportunity to help them rebuild their lives.”

Chris AKA "Hard Hat Mack" was born and raised in Dale City, Va. He comes from a family of police officers and is a veteran of the U.S. Army 25th Infantry. He has been Firefighter/Paramedic for the Richmond Fire Department since 2001. Chris has a background in construction/remodeling and is a partner with AMW Home Improvement. He has been married to Vickie for 15 years and has two daughters Cassidy 22 and Savannah 14. 

Fighting More Than Fire, FMTF
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